Playing Bass with a Pick vs Fingers: Which is Better?

Playing Bass With a Pick

When I first started playing bass I instinctively started using my fingers. I just felt natural and I assumed that’s how most bassists played. Picks were just for guitar players…right?

The thought of using a pick to play bass didn’t even cross my mind, at least at first.

After a few months of playing, I started to notice that quite a few bassists used a pick. I was curious about this weird playing style but was it for me?

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Fender Precision Bass

The Fender Precision Bass introduced in 1951 changed the world of music forever. Leo Fender’s ingenious idea to create a solid body electric bass guitar that could be mass produced proved to have a profound effect that is felt and heard to this day. The four string Precision Bass had a Telecaster style body and … Read more

How to Buy a Vintage Fender Bass

For many Fender bassists owning a vintage Fender is the ultimate experience. There’s nothing quite like the feel and sound of a well played Fender Bass.

The question is how do you find a good, authentic vintage Fender for the right price…and how do you know it’s for real?

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How to Sell a Bass Online

Just as buying a Fender bass online can be a somewhat scary experience, so can selling one, if not more so.

The key to successfully selling your Fender bass is following some simple guidelines and precautions.

I’ve personally sold several basses online without any problems at all. Not only can you easily sell your bass, but it can be fun too.

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Vintage Fender Custom Colors

I’ve always thought that there was something mysterious and fascinating about the original Fender custom colors. Partly because of the history but also because of the misconceptions and myths.

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about what colors were available and when they were originally offered. There are even some colors that didn’t even really exist at all. And when it comes to the actual finish types it can get even more confusing.

The first thing to understand is what type of finishes Fender was using during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

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The Relic Bass Controversy

Take a perfectly good new bass and deliberately beat it up so that it appears to be much older.

It seems like total madness to some people, but many bass players think relic basses are very cool.

So cool in fact that they’re willing to part with thousands of dollars to get their hands on a well made, great playing and sounding bass that’s beat to heck on purpose.

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Weird Fender Basses

Throughout the long and impressive history of Fender Musical Instruments, there have been some odd bass creations that didn’t quite take off as well as some of Fender’s other classic designs.

At times, early on in Fender’s production history, it seemed as though everything they touched turned to gold. The Precision Bass, the Jazz Bass, and of course their classic guitar designs like the Telecaster and Stratocaster.

However, even Fender has turned out some misses. Some were flops, a few were interesting, some of them were baffling, and others were just plain weird.

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Is the Fender Bass Still the Standard?

When Leo Fender invented the first Precision Bass back in 1951 he probably had no idea that he was basically creating the standard for all electric basses for years to come.

No other bass in history has been copied more than than the Precision and Jazz Bass and virtually every bass built since has been compared to one of these classic axes.

The question is….is the Fender Bass still the standard by which all other basses are judged?

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Fender Jazz Bass History – A Timeline 1960-1982

Fender introduced the Jazz Bass in 1960 as a “deluxe” model to augment the Precision Bass. Since its debut, the Jazz has stayed remarkably similar to its original design. There have, however, been many smaller changes over the years that are important not only to Fender Jazz bass history in general, but also as valuable year indicators for vintage Fender bass buffs.

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The Fender Precision Bass Timeline: 1951-1982

When Leo Fender invented the first mass-produced electric bass, no one could have guessed that it would have such a massive impact on music. The first Precision basses looked liked over-sized Telecaster guitars. But by the late 1950s, the Fender Precision Bass became the definitive electric bass in modern music. So dominant was the Fender P-Bass that any musician who used an electric bass was known as a Fender bass player, regardless of the actual make they played. The P-Bass completely and totally changed music forever. Let’s take a look at the Fender Precision Bass timeline and the slow, steady evolution of this iconic instrument.

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