Bass Guitar Anatomy: Parts of a Bass Guitar

Parts of a Bass Guitar

Knowing what things are actually called is super useful in many situations. Whether you’re learning the lingo of D&D, a specific type of hardcore workout, or a new musical instrument, knowing what to say can make your experience a lot better. Knowing the parts of a bass guitar is a great example of this. You’re … Read more

Why is Bass Guitar Hard to Hear

Why is Bass Guitar Hard to Hear

Whether you’re listening to a song to try and learn the bass line or you’re just looking for more low end in your ears, you might be wondering, “Why is bass guitar hard to hear?” There are plenty of reasons why you might have trouble hearing the lower frequencies in a certain song. We’ll talk … Read more

Why Do Bass Guitars Have 4 Strings?

Why Do Bass Guitars Have 4 Strings

The obvious answer here is, that they don’t. Not always. Bass guitars are found with four, five, and even six strings pretty regularly. A six-string bass guitar is more rare, but they are still quite popular with some musicians in the worlds of jazz and fusion. But, the standard is four. So, if there is … Read more

What is a Walking Bass Line

Fingers on a bass guitar neck

Here’s what we know. Walking bass lines are cool, deceptively simple, and every bass player wants to learn how to play them at some point. They convey tons of movement, and they build a scaffold for the rest of the band to play around. However, knowing those things still doesn’t quite tell us what a walking bass line is.

The main question when we break this down is, really, what makes a bass line “walking?” There are some specifics that all walking bass lines share. And while some bass lines might sound like they fall into this category, they might not. So, let’s take a look at the rules and the characteristics that make up a walking bass line.

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