Double Bass Vs Upright Bass: Is There a Difference?

Double Bass vs Upright Bass

The double bass, or the standup bass, or is it the upright bass? Whatever it’s called, the upright bass is one of those instruments that has truly crossed over in terms of musical styles and genres. Because the standup bass is used in so many different kinds of music, some people are left wondering, “Is … Read more

What is a Walking Bass Line

Fingers on a bass guitar neck

Here’s what we know. Walking bass lines are cool, deceptively simple, and every bass player wants to learn how to play them at some point. They convey tons of movement, and they build a scaffold for the rest of the band to play around. However, knowing those things still doesn’t quite tell us what a walking bass line is.

The main question when we break this down is, really, what makes a bass line “walking?” There are some specifics that all walking bass lines share. And while some bass lines might sound like they fall into this category, they might not. So, let’s take a look at the rules and the characteristics that make up a walking bass line.

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Music Theory for the Bass Player and Where to Begin

Open book of sheet music

How much theory do you need to learn for bass guitar?

As with most deep and thoughtful questions, the answer to this one is, “It all depends.” It really depends on what you want to do with music. Where do you want to end up on your music journey? If you pay attention to what most musicians will say about this topic, one thing becomes crystal clear. While some people debate exactly how much music theory for the bass player is actually necessary, almost everyone agrees that more musical knowledge is never a bad thing.

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Squier Bronco Bass Review – Why You Need One Now (2022)

Fender Squier Bronco Bass

After purchasing one of these awesome Squier Bronco bass guitars as a Christmas gift for my daughter, we knew we had to do a review and make some recommendations. If you couldn’t tell from the title, we really like the Squier Bronco bass guitar. Lots of people will get great use out of this bass, and some will fall madly in love with it. To find out if the Fender Affinity Series Bronco bass is right for you, read on.

TLDR: The receiver of this gift is lucky they still got it. We couldn’t keep our hands off of it, but it might not be for everyone. (But it probably is for everyone…mostly.)

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Flatwounds vs. Roundwounds

flatwounds vs roundwounds

I’ve spent some time, and money, holding my own flatwounds vs roundwounds experiment over the years, and I can say confidently which strings I like best. However, the sound you get from your bass is a really personal thing. So, which is the better bass string for you, flatwounds or roundwounds?

For the last few years, there’s been a shift in the bass world with many players switching from the more popular roundwound bass guitar strings back to the old-school flatwound strings.

When looking at flatwounds vs roundwounds, there are several interesting things to look at. From the history of the bass guitar industry to the musical style of individual bass players, the different types of strings have also played a big role in shaping the sound of each artist.

So what’s the difference between these two types of bass strings?

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Flatwound String Reviews

There are so many flatwound string brands and options available now that it can be a little overwhelming to make an informed choice. In general, all flatwounds will give you a warmer, mellower tone than roundwounds will, but there are differences with each brand. I wanted to do one of these flatwound string reviews, first of all, because I’m such a huge fan of them. But I’m also hoping just a bit to nudge some other bass players who’ve never tried them into stepping into the flatwound world.

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Fender Telecaster Bass Guitar – Original or Reissue

The Fender Telecaster bass guitar was introduced in 1968. As its name suggests, it resembles the famous Telecaster guitar that became an iconic instrument across many genres of music. Somewhat of an oddity in the long line of Fender Basses, the Telecaster bass was a reissue of the Precision Bass that debuted in 1951. And, the P Bass itself borrowed some key design aspects from the original Telecaster guitar. Let’s take a look at this odd and interesting design cycle that became the Fender Telecaster bass.

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