Carl Radle: Unsung Bass Hero

Carl Radle: Unsung Bass Hero

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1942, Carl Radle was one of the most influential bassists in the 1960s and ’70s, even if many bass players don’t know it.

Radle, who played mainly Fender Precision basses, was a regular sideman with some of rock’s most famous artists and a highly respected session bassist among his peers.

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Dating a Fender Bass: Serial Numbers and Hot Clues

Dating a Fender bass guitar to figure out when it was made is not always as easy as it sounds. This is especially true with a vintage bass. Ever since Fender started making basses in 1951, they dated certain parts and components to provide a general idea of when the instrument was produced. The problem is that a neck might be made and dated and then sit in the factory for a while until finally being bolted to a body produced and dated months later. Even using official Fender bass serial numbers isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

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Great ’60s Fender Bassists

There have been countless great Fender bass players since Leo introduced the first Fender electric bass in 1951. I’ve decided to compile a list of who I thought were the most influential Fender bass players from the 1960s. I chose that time period because, in my opinion, that was the golden age of bass playing. … Read more

Fender Bass Guitar Facts and Myths

Fender has been around a long time, and over the years several myths have developed about Fender Basses. The question is….are any of them true? When Fender first started making basses the only thing on the company’s agenda was to produce high-quality instruments efficiently. But, as time went by and Fender became a legend and … Read more

Vintage Bass Guitars: Classic Gems or Just Old Basses?

Do older basses really sound that much better than newer ones?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read about a bassist who raves about his vintage Fender sounding so much better than newer models.

But are there any hard facts to back up these claims that vintage gear is superior, or is the whole vintage craze just more hype and clever marketing?

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Fender Custom Shop Basses

Most bass players have heard of the Fender Custom Shop, but few know how and why it came into existence. Fender started this division in 1987 to produce high-quality instruments that would reflect the way Fender built basses back during the “golden years” of the late ’50s and early ’60s. The custom shop was created … Read more

Jazz Bass Pickups Review

There are so many Jazz Bass pickups on the market today that choosing one can be a little overwhelming. But, if you’re looking to upgrade the sound on your current J-Bass, there’s no better cost-effective way than to change the pickups.

Thankfully, the huge selection of Jazz bass pickups gives you plenty of options to nail down that specific bass tone that you’re looking for.

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Playing Bass with a Pick vs Fingers: Which is Better?

Playing Bass With a Pick

When I first started playing bass I instinctively started using my fingers. I just felt natural and I assumed that’s how most bassists played. Picks were just for guitar players…right?

The thought of using a pick to play bass didn’t even cross my mind, at least at first.

After a few months of playing, I started to notice that quite a few bassists used a pick. I was curious about this weird playing style but was it for me?

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Fender Precision Bass

The Fender Precision Bass introduced in 1951 changed the world of music forever. Leo Fender’s ingenious idea to create a solid body electric bass guitar that could be mass produced proved to have a profound effect that is felt and heard to this day. The four string Precision Bass had a Telecaster style body and … Read more

How to Buy a Vintage Fender Bass

For many Fender bassists owning a vintage Fender is the ultimate experience. There’s nothing quite like the feel and sound of a well played Fender Bass.

The question is how do you find a good, authentic vintage Fender for the right price…and how do you know it’s for real?

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